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We produce a battery grade vanadium electrolyte made entirely from waste and residual streams found in Europe.

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How do we do it?

Products are produced from regionally available waste and residual streams, not virgin materials form remote mines. We use an an energy efficient process whereby we maximise the recovery of reagents and chemicals for reuse.

We have developed a selective hydrometallurgical extraction process that is organic solvent free and performed at low temperature conditions. We recover more than 80% of the metal content from our feedstock.

We have developed a vanadium isolation and purification process without the use of ammonia or organic solvents. The resulting process has an extremely low chemical consumption and is able to produce a battery grade purity within two steps.

Why vanadium?

We need bigger batteries.

Europe aims to run its economy on 85% renewable energy by 2050. To achieve this, we need large-scale energy storage systems. The vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) offers +20,000 cycles, is intrinsically safe, and easy to recycle - making it critical to the energy transition. With VRFBs expected to cover at least 2.5% of storage needs, this will require 170 GWh of capacity to be developed. In addition, the new Battery Regulations stipulate critical metal recovery targets of up to 90% by 2027. We will contribute towards these goals by producing a battery grade vanadium electrolyte made entirely form waste and residual streams available in Europe.

Vanadium consumption is set to double by 2031.

Primary producers of vanadium globally are China, Russia, South Africa and Brazil.

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105 000

Metric Tons. Current market size, primarily produced as a byproduct of steel-making.

European market

Let the numbers speak for


% renewable energy penetration on the European grid by 2050.


GWh of energy storage required. Enough to power Europe for 19 hours.


GWh of vanadium redox flow batteries required based on 2.5% market share.


tonnes of vanadium required per year for the next 25 years to achieve this goal.

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